Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Installing a Riser Block to a 14" Bandsaw

I bought a 14" bandsaw from a guy on Craigslist, and I knew I would want to extend the capabilities to handle deeper cutting, so I ordered a riser block kit from Grizzly. All of the reviews said to throw the blade away, which I completely agree with. Buy a nice blade with your order (I got a Timerwolf 3TPI thin blade).

The saw originally looked like this:

I had to remove the switch from the top (I wanted the freedom from cords), pull out the bolt holding both pieces together, then remove the top half of the bandsaw. I went ahead and lined up the pins on the riser block. I had to put the bolt that came with the riser block through the block before I could put it onto the base half of the saw.

Then I slipped the top half through the nut, and tightened it down.

Next came the blade guides:

I had to remove the set screw from the back of the saw, along with the knob that locks it in place.

The set screw held a spring and a ball bearing. Make sure you don't lose these. (My camera couldn't focus well on these).

I slid the new bar in (from the top), removed the guard and the guides from the old rod, and attached the new pieces. Now you can put the ball bearing back in, the spring, and the set screw. And go ahead and put the position locking knob back in.

Now you can put the switch mount back onto the saw, and you should be done!

Looks a bit different, eh?

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